Week 5: Heart Shaped Diamonds

The featured diamond this week is the heart shape, rare compared to other shapes allowing it to be a centerpiece on a truly unique ring. However, because of its rarity, it is important to examine the cut quality as symmetry is crucial for its distinct proportions. The cleft, the top point where the two halves meet, should be precise and well defined. A common measurement used for determining the quality of heart shaped diamonds is using the length to width ratio, with 1.00 as the benchmark. This means that both the length and width of the diamond must be equal in order to portray an ideal heart shape, but preference is also important. Heart shaped diamonds hide color well due to their reflective shape, allowing you a wider range of color grades that offer beautiful diamonds. Due to the nature of the cut, it is recommended that you choose a larger carat size to fully appreciate the shape. Overall, the heart shaped diamond is unique and special, an excellent choice for an engagement ring.


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