Week 6: Emerald Shaped Diamonds

Sleek. Modern. Elegant. Those are just some of the many words that you can use to describe the ever-beautiful emerald cut diamonds. One of my personal favorites, the emerald cut gets its hall of mirrors like appearance from the step cut facets. The emerald cut has many benefits such as looking larger than its actual carat size due to its shape and its ability to hide color well. It must be noted that emerald diamonds require higher clarity grades as it is more difficult to mask inclusions. Still, the emerald diamond gives off a sophisticated appearance without sacrificing beauty. We find that emerald diamonds look best in a rectangular cut, but they can also be found as a square. The elongated shape gives the appearance of a larger diamond, while slimming down your fingers. Quite recently, this shape has been gaining more popularity and can be found on more and more fingers. You can not go wrong with the emerald.

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