Week 7: Oval Shaped Diamonds

Considered a fancy diamond shape, the oval cut is a unique take on the ever so popular round brilliant. The oval cut offers the same brilliance of a round diamond but delivers the appearance of slimmer fingers due to its elongated shape. The elongated shape also tricks your brain into perceiving it as larger than its actual size. Who doesn’t love a larger diamond?

One very important aspect of an oval cut diamond to consider is the length to width ratio. While personal preference is important in your decision, the most popular ratio range for oval diamonds are 1.35 to 1.50, often considered the classic cut. Larger ratios result in thinner diamonds and vice versa. While oval diamonds hide inclusions and blemishes well, they often reveal warmer colors in GIA color grades below an ‘H’ grade. Therefore, it is recommended that H be the lowest color grade for oval diamonds. One more thing to note is the infamous bow tie effect. The bow tie effect is a dark space that stretches across the center of the diamond. This effect can distract eyes away from the beauty of the stone and into the bow tie. It is important to check oval diamonds for this effect before purchasing.

Oval cut diamonds are gorgeous diamonds that appeal to the naked eye. These diamonds offer features such as appearing larger, hides inclusions well, creates a slimming effect and is offered at an outstanding price point. For a simple and classic oval style check out the Lorena Oval Ring, and for those wanting to stand out, check out our Marquise/ Oval Diamond Ring.