Week 8: Marquise Diamonds

In many ways very similar to last weeks oval shaped diamond, the marquise offers the illusion of a larger diamond with a large crown surface while also creating a flattering slim effect on the fingers of the wearer. Also called the “navette” which translates from French to ‘little ship’, the marquise cut stone is a classic diamond shape has been capturing the hearts of brides-to-be with a recent surge in popularity amongst marquise cut engagement rings. Traditionally more of a cocktail party shape, the marquise is making its come back to the engagement ring scene with its elegant yet old school appeal.

The suggested length-to-width ratio is from 1.75 to 2.25 with personal preference being an important factor. Similar to the oval shaped diamond, the marquise hides inclusions very well but it is recommended to start with H as the lowest color grade as it is prone to showing warmer colors in lower graded diamonds. While they are gaining popularity with each passing day, the marquise is still well behind the classic round diamond in demand, allowing them to be a unique choice while being very good money for its value.

For those looking for a truly unique diamond shape that offers a classic appearance while maximizing its visual appearance and size the Marquise is a choice that should not be overlooked, like our Marquise Diamond Ring.